SDI-Plummer Block Housings - The innovation of SD housings

We are pleased to inform you about the new generation of our SD housings.

Our new SDI plummer block housings represent the result of a systematic further development of the SD housings proven for decades. They are particularly suitable for applications with extremely high loads. A longer lifetime of bearings, seals and grease are only some of the advantages offered by SDI plummer block housings.

Easy to install markings on the housings make the assembly much more easier. In addition it is possible to have an application-related distribution of grease. Furthermore, the housings can be subsequently modified to reduce periods of standstill or to allow the addition of gadgets for the use of sensor technology. 

The choose of ductile iron for the housing permits operating temperatures up to -40 ° C and guarantees a defined impact energy at -20 ° C according to DIN. All SD housing will be gradually replaced by SDI housings. By mid of 2014 the conversion will have been terminated. 

Our brochure provides detailed information about the SDI Plummer block housings. For any further questions we will be most pleased to be of assistance.