CORROPROOF – special coating against corrosion

Are your anti-friction bearings and housings directly exposed to weather conditions and therefore subject to fast corrosion?

Is this the case, we are pleased to present a new, cost-efficient solution: HFB CORROPROOF.

CORROPROOF is a special coating offering effective protection against corrosion and therefore representing a competitively priced alternative to stainless steels and bearings.

The service life of coated parts is thus increased compared to those of uncoated parts. Replacement is easy to realize and rework is not necessary. For technical properties, delivery program and further details regarding CORROPROOF please refer to our leaflet. In addition to CORROPROOF we also still provide our proven SSP- Stainless-Steel-Protection, a highly efficient protection against negative weather effects, abrasion and corrosion. 

In order to find the proper product for your requirements we would be pleased to provide individual and more detailed advice.

We are looking forward to receiving your enquiries.